Why Does My Cat Meow all The Time

So your cat seems to be crying all the time, perhaps following you around or spending a lot of time sitting in a corner or at the window. Nothing you do seems to answer her apparent pleas.

First let me say that although persistent meowing in cats can seem like a plea for attention of some sort it’s important to understand that vocalisation is quite normal in most cases. In effect it is just your cat talking and just like some people do so, some cats talk more and talk louder. So there may be nothing more to this than that she is a talkative feline.

There are however a few things that can cause excessive vocalisation where the habit relates to a psychological or physiological problem. So in some of these cases your cat may be indicating that something is worrying her. Let me deal with these issues.

One very common cause of excessive and loud vocalisation is deafness. So you should run some simple tests on her hearing. We can’t easily do high-tech hearing tests on cats but simply calling her, tapping the food bowl or clapping your hands should give you a good indication. Note that a high percentage of white cats with blue eyes are deaf, born that way. If deafness is the cause then it will probably be total deafness rather than just poor hearing so it should be easy for you to establish.

Another very common cause in female cats is that it is the vocalisation that comes with a season (on heat). Of course this is unlikely to be the case if she has been spayed. However in rare cases there can be aberrant ovarian tissue still inside the abdomen despite the spay operation. This means there is still some ovary left behind. This isn’t usually a fault of the surgeon who did the job. The aberrant tissue can exist in a totally abnormal position.  It can be a difficult one to fix as this tissue can be very small and hard to track down. This will continue to cause the cat to come into heat and this can cause excessive vocalisation, which in this case we  term “calling”. There will usually be other signs of season including rolling over, squatting with the hindquarters raised and skittish behaviour. Blood testing can be done to see if there is any likelihood that this is the case. If your cat hasn’t been spayed then there is an obvious fix.

In older cats dementia (cognitive dysfunction) is a very common cause of excessive vocalisation and there will usually be an assortment of other signs too, like disorientation and confusion.

Of course pain always needs to be considered. There are a multitude of possibilities for the source of the pain, including things like bladder infection/inflammation, arthritis and bowel pain. If you suspect pain might be involved you should have your vet assess your cat without delay. Whilst on the subject of veterinary related issues we need also to consider hyperthyroidism and hypertension. These two separate conditions commonly cause excessive vocalisation and your vet can test her for those.

That covers the “medical side of things” We need also to consider “psychological” reasons. The most common cause in this group is territorial issues related to local cat activity. Cats can become very upset when other cats frequent their territory and we will get a whole range of signs including toileting issues, nervous behaviour and vocalisation. You may not be aware of the presence of the other cats but your cat will. Should one of these neighbourhood cats be a female in season or be a tom cat seeking females it will worsen the behaviour.

So consider what I have described here and decide whether perhaps a vet visit is worthwhile just to be sure your cat is well physically. If there is a suspicion that this may be a behavioural problem related to anxiety of some sort then it might be worthwhile using a short course of anti-anxiety medication at least to see if there is a response which might be a good indicator of the cause. Your vet can provide this medication. But if all seems to be okay then it may be that you need to accept your cat simply as being a talkative cat.

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